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    WHEN LOVE AWAKENS Fine Art Fashion Graphic Maskbyom mask
    WHEN LOVE AWAKENS Fine Art Fashion Graphic Mask
    byom mask

    When Love Awakens Fine Art Fashion Graphic Mask



    WHEN LOVE AWAKENS fine art fashion graphic mask is a custom designed, finely printed mask, that provides premium quality and protection for everyone to Mask with Confidence. Lightweight, soft fabric, with polypropylene filter, water based dyes, adjustable back band and machine washable.

    Sustainable, environmentally sourced and Canadian made!

    $2.00 per mask will be donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

    Minimum order is 3 masks; mix and match


    Art Backstory

    Few symbols are as uplifting and as hopeful as the image of a heart.

    Artist: Brooke Palmer  @brookepalmerartist

    I describe my paintings as vibrant, high-energy and emotionally uplifting. The focus is on employing bold colour palettes and layering colours to create transparent and emotive mystical veils of light which often appear to illuminate the painting from within. The end results are visually arresting, dream-like paintings that ebb and flow and are in a constant state of motion. My paintings are held in private collections in the United States, Iran, Europe and Canada and are available in Toronto through Arta Gallery, Petroff Gallery & Gallery133.



    BYOM BYOM designs and makes everything from a local manufacturing facility in Toronto. The masks are made with 2 layers of polyester fabric and a polypropylene filter, we use only water based dyes, have a band around the back to make it more comfortable for the ears and are completely machine washable. Learn more all about BYOM

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