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    Sparrow Travel Bag PouchSparrow Travel Bag PouchSparrow Travel Bag Pouch
    Sparrow Travel Bag Pouch
    Sparrow Travel Bag Pouch
    Sparrow Travel Bag Pouch

    Sparrow Travel Bag Pouch


    Small Travel Pouch with Leatherette Strap, Wash Bag, Toiletry Bag, Cosmetic Bag, Wrist-let Bag with Original

    Handmade | Small Travel Pouch | Toiletry Bag | Cosmetic Bag | Wrist-let Pouch

    My drawing of a little Sparrow in the Grass/Chickadee is printed on a Natural Linen/Cotton fabric which is approximately the top 2/3 of this pouch.

    The bottom 1/3 is Black Linen/Cotton.

    The Sparrow is printed with Black Eco-friendly textile ink while the Grass is printed with a Light Brown Eco-friendly textile ink.

    Both sides of the pouch are the same.

    There is an 8 in./20 cm. Antique Brass Zipper across the top.

    A Faux Leather Black strap is attached to the zipper pull with an Antique Brass clip.


    The lining of the Pouch is a Botanical Chintz print (with various greens on a creamy milk-coloured background) on a heavy weight upholstery fabric .

    The pouches are slightly different from one another because

    1. they are individually hand printed
    2. the linings are cut from a large print



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    Antique brass zipper, leatherette wrist strap, linen cotton, Eco friendly textile ink


    8 in. L x 6 in. H x 4 in. D.

    20 cm. L x 15 cm. W x 10 cm. D