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    Extra-Strength Roll-on
    Extra-Strength Roll-on

    Single Extra-Strength Roll-On


    MuscleCare Extra Strength Roll-on is the strongest all-natural, scientifically based, topical analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antispasmodic for over-the-counter sales.

    Professional Therapy MuscleCare Roll-on combines menthol and camphor for immediate pain relief with magnesium, glucosamine, MSM, and chondroitin to relax muscle tension, improve circulation, promote healing and reset the muscle in its normal resting length.


    The roll-on offers the convenience of applying MuscleCare in those hard-to-reach areas of the back without using your hands. This product is great for quick application in the workplace or in an athletic arena. The Extra Strength Roll-on is effective in as little as 30 seconds. This helps you to reduce pain and get back to the things you love!


    You will receive a free digital download of Dr. Chris Oswald’s bestseller, Stretching for Fitness, Health, and Performance. It’s a $39.99 value, and offers over 35 stretch routines.


    Muscle Care
    Dr. Chris Oswald owns and operates one of Canada’s leading chiropractic clinics in Toronto, Canada. Nationally ranked athletes, leading Canadian performers and musicians, and members of Toronto’s business elite are among his patients.

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