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    Madawaska Coffee Espresso RoastMadawaska Coffee Espresso Roast
    Madawaska Coffee Espresso Roast
    Madawaska Coffee Espresso Roast

    Madawaska Espresso Roast


    Contrary to popular belief – our Espresso Roast is the second lightest roast. Created with European-Style coffee drinkers in mind; those looking for a thick, rich, caramel-coloured crema and an intense fruity mouth-feel will love this roast. Our espresso is a blend of 3 different beans in order to pull the perfect shot of espresso.

    Espresso Machine | Moka Pot

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    1/2 lb., 1 lb., 5 lb.

    Whole Bean or Ground

    Whole Bean, French Press/Coarse, Drip/Fine, Espresso/Extra Fine


    Madawaska Coffee Co.
    Founded in 2011 on the banks of the Madawaska River by Neil and Sarah Wright, Madawaska Coffee Co. has grown from a hobby roaster to Madawaska Valley’s #1 provider of fresh-roasted quality coffees.

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