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    FISHLOVERS Fine Art Fashion Graphic Maskbyom mask
    FISHLOVERS Fine Art Fashion Graphic Mask
    byom mask

    Fishlovers Fine Art Fashion Graphic Mask



    FISHLOVERS fashion graphic mask is a custom designed, finely printed mask, that provides premium quality and protection for everyone to Mask with Confidence. Lightweight, soft fabric, with polypropylene filter, adjustable back strap and machine washable.

    Sustainable, environmentally sourced and Canadian made!

    Minimum order is 3 masks; mix and match


    Backstory – I grew up with a dad who was a Fisherman. He would come home from his trips with a cooler full of sparkling trout. I was mesmerized by the beautify of their iridescent colours and spots, the cherry stripe running down the side of the rainbow trout. He would prepare them and fry them with butter in a wrought iron pan. As I grew up, I learned more about these iconic Canadian fish and started to use them frequently in my artwork. As a symbol, they represent hope, love and community.

    Artist Bio: Lisa Kimberly Glickman

    Lisa Kimberly Glickman is a Visual Artist specializing in lushly coloured figurative work who employs a palette of jewel tones to create imagined possibilities. She has been mark-making since she could hold an implement. She generally works from a
    combination of life, memory and photographs that she has taken herself. Her work can be found in private collections in both the U.S. and in Canada. She exhibits her work professionally and has taught art for many years in Montreal-area schools.


    BYOM BYOM designs and makes everything from a local manufacturing facility in Toronto. The masks are made with 2 layers of polyester fabric and a polypropylene filter, we use only water based dyes, have a band around the back to make it more comfortable for the ears and are completely machine washable. Learn more all about BYOM

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