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    The ReCYCLEr

    Caribou Home / The ReCYCLEr

    The ReCYCLEr

    Gilbert VandenHeuvel was born and raised in the rural town of Goderich, Ontario. His father owned and operated a construction company and a pig farm. Gilbert chose to work on the pig farm, and in 2001 he liked pork so much he bought the company.

    Gilbert has always enjoyed being active; cycling, hockey, and soccer were his childhood sports. Asthma was a problem at times, which stopped sports for while. In 2003, Gilbert started cycling seriously again, and a joined a men’s soccer team. You could call it his mid-life crisis. In the summer of 2005, he participated in a group ride from Vancouver, BC to Regina Saskatchewan: 3000 km in 3 weeks! These days, Gilbert enjoys riding one of his bikes either close to home or far away. Road cycling / touring is his place of calm where world problems are occasionally solved.
    During the years working on the farm, Gilbert’s metal working skills grew and grew – there was always something to fix on the farm!

    So, the joy of cycling and metal care came together one day, and the first pedestal table was born! With old bikes hanging around the garage, material for those creations was readily available.

    These days, the pig farm is closed down and Gilbert is having fun with this next chapter in life. Creating new ways to use old bike parts to make functional and funky furniture, home decor, and raw art keeps Gilbert busy these days.


    Goderich, ON

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    ReCycled Decor