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    Soap & Honour

    Caribou Home / Soap & Honour

    Soap & Honour

    At Soap & Honour, we create all-natural body and home products encouraging recuperative and refreshing restoration, while inspiring heart-opening joy through our creative process.

    Our creative process of developing body care products that are inspired by the artistic world that surrounds us, as well as the resounding connection we have to our natural world. We swirl innovative and unconventional products with purpose.

    Cheray vision began years before Soap & Honour was est. in 2016. For decades Cheray has been devoted to developing clean, chemical-free products she could trust for her and her family. She’d always been drawn to the merging of her love for essential oils, with her vibrant creativity and sustainable need to help the earth.

    Due to an increase in demand for the same reasons she held close to her heart, her personal commitment quickly turned into a small business named Lilu. At Lilu, she’d made scrubs, body lotions, and custom perfumes from essential oils. On the heels of Lilu came Soap & Honour that was born with a focus on making soaps and bath bombs for children, after having had her son. Cheray continues in her dedication to reducing her ecological footprint by bringing together all of the products she proudly made at Lilu, by adding her unique cleansing soaps.


    Toronto ON

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    Soap & Honour