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    Artech Studio

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    Artech Studio

    In the time of the Renaissance, artists had to be practical and versatile. They had to make things people really used. That’s what we do here at Artech Studios. We make art that people can really use. Funny, practical and all made by hand. From us to you.
    We are a traditional glassblowing studio nestled in the Highlands of Ontario, Canada. We produce great upcycled glass tableware and handmade barware. We are known for our recycled beer glasses, a repurposed beer bottle that still holds a full beer!
    Terry Craig and Jennifer Wanless-Craig are the designers, makers, owners and (honestly) the chief bottle washers.

    Terry CraigTerry Craig – Plays with Fire
    Terry Craig is our oldest glassblower by far. A Sheridan grad and former Harbourfront resident, Terry enjoys single malt scotch, bone collecting and a good cup of coffee. Mr.Craig enjoys 80’s tv cop shows, rescuing wayward birds and jumping rope. Terry is mastering the art of strangling geese (oops!) bagpiping. He loves a good, strong IPA; the hoppier, the better makes Terry a happy man while creating glass under the disco ball.

    Jennifer Wanless-CraigJennifer Wanless-Craig – Adds Fuel to the Fire
    Jennifer Wanless-Craig is the brains behind the operation and has the best shoe collection in the group. Her hobbies include drawing stick figures, inventing new culinary delights and general bossiness. She can be seen tending to baby chicks, reading old Sweet Valley High and homeschooling their daughter. A grad of Sheridan College Glass program and Toronto School of Art, Jenn is mainly designing work, working with clients and keeping out the heat. Her beer of choice is anything from Belgium.

    Jake RaynardJake Raynard – Can Breathe Fire
    Jake Raynard has been blowing glass with Artech Studios since the early beginnings. A Thunder Bay native and Sheridan grad also, Jake prides himself on being the best Lego builder in the county. He can grow a mean beard, has a fondness for unicorns, spins and breathes fire and loves crazy cat videos. When not in the glass studio, Jake enjoys strong beer and soft music.

    Anabelle CraigAnabelle Craig – Fire in the Belly
    Anabelle is Jenn and Terry’s daughter and the youngest member of Artech Studios but works harder than anyone. Anabelle has a fondness for spiders, sushi and fast rollercoasters. When she isn’t reading, doing archery or playing her cello, she can be seen helping out with shows and packing orders. A clever eye for design and her mama’s talent in the kitchen, she will definitely be running the show by the time she is 14. Beer is gross she says.


    Tory Hill, ON

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    Upcycled glass tableware and handmade barware


    Glass Tableware & Barware