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    Caribou Home / ARjewelry


    ARJewlery’s essence came from the visions of Amal Ragab through her years of traveling and falling in love with the imperfections of life. Amal’s life took her through the streets of Rome where she saw hammered jewelry for the first time and the inception of ARJewlery was formed. Amal’s deep-rooted childhood love for art and her education in business created the base for a brand that exemplifies organic and free-spirited accessories.

    Amal sees the beauty in the imperfections of the world, just like a leaf lives impeccably in its asymmetry and uniqueness, Amal’s jewelry strives to do the same. Inspired by the Greeks and Pharaohs of Egypt, ARJewlery is known for its boldness and vintage-style.

    As an Egyptian-Canadian entrepreneur based in Halifax, Amal’s work is influenced by the places she’s seen. Every part of the world has its own unique beauty and ARJewlery brings it all together for the goddesses of Halifax.