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    Made in Canada Matters

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    Made in Canada Matters

    Made in Canada Matters

    Why Buy Canadian? Our economy in Canada is at a standstill and buying locally is like a ripple in still water.

    • Every $1 spent locally re-circulates with other local businesses creating $7 of local economic activity
    • Small businesses employ almost 70% of all private-sector workers
    • 605,000 businesses in Canada have fewer than 4 employees! That is 55% of all small and medium-sized companies in Canada, which make up 99% of all businesses in Canada.

    Our world has forever changed. Our economy is not going to be rescued by the big box store companies or even the government. We all have a common goal of supporting our local and national economies during this storm. We can’t change the wind but we can adjust our sails. Please support local businesses and small entrepreneurs. They are truly the foundation of our country. Thank you.

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