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    Canada Proud

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    Canada Proud

    Pride in a country, our country called Canada means so many things to so many people. Everyone has a different perspective of what it means to be Canadian and why they are proud of our great nation. It is each of our individual perspectives and experiences that help to weave the fabric of what makes Canada unique.

    I have been very fortunate to have done a lot of traveling around the world representing Canada in sport, as well as, later in life introducing the world to my children. I have also lived and worked in other countries. I truly believe though, that there is no place like home, and that Canada is my favourite country in the world.

    Caribou Home has been my “happiness project” for quite a long time. I have big manilla envelopes stuffed with business and postcards from all sorts of shows and little shops that I have been in or my friends and family have collected for me from all over Canada over the last four years. I am a mom with two very busy children that play both hockey and lacrosse at the highest levels and I have been building my own product called a Cacoon (sadly it is not made in Canada). I was never quite sure when Caribou would happen. The best things in life though mostly require a lot of effort and I just didn’t have the time to make Caribou a reality so, I just kept filling up envelopes. Then a terrible thing happened, Covid-19 and the world stopped.

    As hard as it is to see a silver lining in all this mess, we as human beings have been able to appreciate our everyday heroes and the tremendous sacrifices that they make. We have also been able in some cases to spend more time with our families, and spend more time on ourselves. For me personally, I am most grateful that my family has been able to remain healthy so far. I am also grateful for the time that it has allowed me to launch Caribou Home, and hopefully, connect people with some amazing local brands, artisans and makers making their lives a little bit better. We are launching with fewer products then we had hoped. Some of our makers have tragically lost family members to Covid, or have been stricken themselves or had family members sick. These are trying times and everyone is doing their best. We will continue to add more brands and products, and I would like to encourage everyone, if they have a favourite Canadian product please send it our way. Also, we would love to hear what makes you Canada Proud. Please join our community.

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